Reviews for Vandan Panchal, MD, MPH


Best Dr. I've ever had barbone! Dr. Panchal pays very close attention to what you are saying and addresses everything and I mean, EVERYTHING that you want to discuss with him and plus he makes you feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend him!

   — Jill Marvin


Absolutely amazing. Very professional, caring, dedicated staff. Dr. Panchal is amazing. Best care I've ever had. Very thankful for this team.

   — Angie Chacon


Dr. Panchal is amazing. He took time for my visit. I did not have to wait. He explained everything to me. And is getting me back on track with my health. I could not be happier. His nurse was also so very nice, along with the front staff. What a wonderful place!

   — Staci


Dr. Panchal is A breath of fresh air! He is genuinely Understanding. I never liked doctors and visits tho essential to life thanks dr. Panchal for helping me live again! ❤️

   — Annah Corber


Best doc I have had in my entire 45 years of life. Amazing bedside manner, he genuinely listens to his patients. Is very good about explaining things in simple terms without making me feel stupid. His nurse is amazing as well, she is always asking polite questions about my health and my family. Never before had a doc and nurse team have souch passion for helping others without gaslighting, belittling, or saying "have you tried to lose some weight", " if you lost some weight your condition would improve" or any other snide remarks. 20/10 will recommend!

   — Marcy Hane


Dr Panchal is very professional and listens to you with intelligent solutions. A very knowledgeable and caring person. A wonderful sense of humor and is very caring to find a way to help you feel better.

   — Ken Rawlings


Great communications, I felt very comfortable.

   — Darrell Stewart


He is concerned about your health and well being. He listens to your problems and ailments then discusses them with you. Very nice.

   — Stanley Pangrac


Dr. Panchal thoughtfully addressed my health questions. He has good listening and communication skills. I look forward to working with him in the future.

   — Adam Gatewood


A refreshing new Doctor with both Knowledge and Insight.

   — Greg Muzingo

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