Reviews for Moshe Kincade, APRN


Moshe listens and gives a through exam based on what my concerns are. The care she recommended going forward was based on her listening skills and her medical knowledge. I feel confident in the care she will continue giving me.

   — Marty Brewer


WIt times were minimal Really feel like Moshe listens and cares

   — Kristy Blake


Very thorough and knowledgable. I felt like she cared about my health. Thank you

   — Connie Eddy


Moshe was very professional and very helpful.

   — Trish Davidson


Good Dr!!!

   — K Riley


Miss Kincade is a very good nurse practitioner you ordered a lab work I didn’t know what it was for, I didn’t understand why , and I don’t remember you saying I needed lab work , I would of asked in detail what it was for, I would of stopped by the lab, I didn’t noticed it till i was home , when I called Leanna but I didn’t understand what she meant ,(I was having mania ,I’m better now and took extra klonopin for a few days ) I just saw Kara at my urologist on the 1st , and everything was fine , so I called my urologist , Mathew her LPN just called me today Wednesday and explained in detail what the test was for and that I should have it done ,it was important if you ordered it , it wasn’t a lab I thought it was ( I just know enough to be dangerous) sorry I Was so bullheaded my mania was no not trust you , I will always trust you now,my surgery on my thumb joint was yesterday, I called Amy after speaking to Matthew , told her to tell you I was sorry , and I would get the lab drawn on the 29 th , when I have follow up with Dr Gillen , thank you so much. !!

   — Patricia Robinson


Moshe is a very good listener. I value her knowledge. If she isn't sure of the symptoms she researches the.

   — Donna Steinle


She is the best. I'm glad I got in with her. She seems very knowledgeable, professional and caring.

   — Dona Waldo


Moshe was very friendly, professional and thorough. She answered all of my questions. I look forward to seeing her next year!

   — Deb Johnson

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