Reviews for J. Steven Bear, MD


Dr. Bear is a good listener and answer questions with great detail and ensures the patient understands fully.

   — Al Villalobos


Dr. Bear is very good manner and answers all the questions. He is new to me as a good many Drs. are at this time in my journey in life. You must always remember to share all your symptom's with your Dr. as they see many patients besides you. Most Drs. have a 15minute timeline, However we all have a limited one too.

   — Robert Provo


The check in process was great and the staff is always friendly. Dr Bear was very engaged with me seeking to understand what was happening by asking questions. He also allowed time for me to ask questions which I greatly appreciated. Also, he made good suggestions for treatment that have helped my situation to get better.

   — Rick Palmateer


Dr. Bear was very good, but his staff leaves something to be desired. I had a follow up question after my visit and after messages to them the following 4 days, I finally got a response.

   — Marian Sweany


Seemed knowledgeable and was willing to have tests run at my request without a solid foundation (despite pointing this out to me) has a very comforting presence and was incredibly conversational/not awkward.

   — Dustin Mulligan

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