Insurance & Billing

When you or a family member is ill, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of seeking medical care. At St. Francis Medical Group, our goal is to make the billing process as simple and easy as possible. We accept most insurance policies from companies throughout our service region as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Private-pay options are also available for our patients.

We accept all major insurances. Depending on your insurance policy, the services you receive through St. Francis Medical Group may be considered “out-of-network." Because we want to make sure your entire experience is as stress-free as possible, we always suggest talking with your insurance company  before receiving non-emergency medical treatments so you won’t have any surprises when it comes to the portion of payment being covered by your insurance policy.

Your insurance policy may require the payment of a co-payment at the time of service, depending on the reason for your visit to St. Francis Medical Group. That payment may be made via check, credit card or debit card when you arrive for your appointment.

When you receive your bill from St. Francis Medical Group, it will come from SCL Health. It will provide you with a complete listing of any amount owed after your insurance company has made adjustments under your policy. Information regarding payment options will also be included.

If you have any questions about your bill or to make payment arrangements, you may contact our toll-free line at 855.851.4127.